Sample (Illustration)

Sample (Illustration)

What are Rep-Triggered Emails or Approved Emails?

In an era where it’s harder than ever for sales representatives to meet doctors (‘no-see’ HCPs – AMA PDRP program), email campaigns are a viable method to inform, follow up and maintain relationship with the prescribers in your geography.

Sales Representatives use pre-approved content in email templates as a means of reaching out to the HCP. The content can be as simple as templates to use when confirming appointments, or following up on on-message topical discussions that would occur during face-to-face visits.

For Example, Post launch Day 0 activities involve informing the doctors about the new approved indication for the existing drug or a new drug launch altogether.

Email templates include a provision for sending supplement and detailed promotional material such as clinical papers and promotional videos.

(Example) Veeva Rep Trigger management System

(Example) Veeva Rep Trigger management System

Let’s take a look at few metrics for successful ‘Rep Triggered Email Campaign’.

# Total number of Email Sent?

# of Total HCPs reached via Rep Triggered email?

# of Unique Targets reached via Rep Triggered email?

If 3 emails are sent to 1 target Prescriber in the month of Jun’17, it shall be counted as 1 unique target reached

# Emails sent breakdown by Topic/Subject?

# Total Number of Emails Opened by Target HCPs?

# Total Number of Emails Bounced Back?

# Prescriber/Non-Prescriber Emails sent?

# Did the Sales Representative follow up via email within 5 days (or whatever time is decided upon) after a call was made?

# What is the proportion of Email Campaign compared to ‘Detailing’ and ‘Speaker Programs/?

 How can you use it in association with other promotional channels?

Post Launch Analytics?

# Total Emails sent out as a blast at the beginning of a launch of drug/campaign?


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