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I could google some more quotes, and build a nice graphic, but almost all of them point at a physician’s turmoil when he is performing his job.

A Prescriber is often pulled between his responsibilities as a doctor/healer and his financial ambitions. We are also aware of the time and the cost of education to become a doctor in the first place.

Physician Education Costs & Time Investment

If you google “becoming a physician cost”, you get figures north of $400,000

Cost of becoming a doctor


If you google “time to become a physician”, it says that you require 14 years on an average!

Time to become a doctor


Contrast that with ‘how much does a physician earn in San Francisco

How much does a physician earn?

As a result, you will find that physicians will juggle his financial ambitions (and DEBT) with the Hippocratic Oath.

So, what role does Physician play in the Health Care System?

Roles of A Physician | Prescriber

Medical Expert:

Before Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning could diagnose diseases, it was a primarily a physician’s responsibility. Years of education and medical practice make us rely on his judgement and expertise to diagnose chronic conditions.

Physician as a Medical Expert



Physicians are often rated by patients (courtesy ‘Yelp’ and ZocDoc’ reviews) on how well they disseminate information to all involved parties – patients, relatives etc. The best physicians communicate via spoken language, charts and visuals to get their point across. It is imperative to empathize, build rapport and trust to convey any medical solution.

Physician as Communicator



The physician works collaboratively with his staff to provide good hospice care. They also provide referrals to other practitioners and specialists.

Physician as a Collaborator


Manager / Administrator / Organizer:

Physicians manage teams, plan resources and prioritize effort. They also supervise and oversee collection and upkeep of patient records, medical histories.

Physician as a Organizer


Health Advocate:

Physicians play the important role of providing guidance to society (Not referring to ‘Dr. Phil’). They are increasingly asked to play the role of experts, speak for health initiatives relating to prevention of diseases.

American College of Preventive Medicine


Scholar / Researcher / Teacher:

A lot of physicians are asked to double as Clinical Trial Investigators and/or participate in other research and development projects. Physicians have evaluated and researched numerous therapies. You could back to the 70’s and find academic literature annotated with physicians who have questioned radical surgeries, procedures, treatment pathways etc.

Physicians as Researchers



Physicians are educated and experienced in making crucial health decisions for patients. Physicians uphold all integrity to provide the best care (until Insurance refuses to cover you for a test/condition). Physician, though in shackles, maintains the most integrity in the healthcare system.


As a Target for Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Pharmaceutical companies generate target lists to market drug to physicians. The Influence from Big Pharma (via Sales Reps, Promotional Meetings) may hinder doctor’s work. Pharmaceutical Companies attempt to increase their share of voice to beat competition.

Almost all the pharmaceutical sales and marketing activities are directed towards the physician (the point in healthcare market where seller meets the consumer).

Pharma Influence on Prescribers


A Prescriber, if troubled by Sales Reps, opts out and limits access to himself

Sales Representatives are finding harder than ever to reach physicians, especially in Oncology

Source: ZS Associates (2015 AccessMonitor )

Source: ZS Associates (2015 AccessMonitor)


But, Physicians are not all that good..

Prescribers are known to procure payments from the Pharmaceutical Companies to prescribe their drug.

Big Pharma's Influence on Doctors

Had the Prescribers taken a stand, the Opioid Crisis wouldn’t have happened. In today’s day and age, a patient (within his Insurance coverage) can switch Primary Care Practitioners just to check if anyone could give into his request for narcotics.

Physician and the drug companies are in the business of managing a disease, not curing it.

Most doctors are prisoners of their education and shackled by their profession

— Richard Diaz

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