Prescribers become a part of a specialized ‘Target Lists’ prepared by the pharmaceutical companies such that they could be segmented and marketing campaigns can be appropriately designed.

Call Analytics and Sales Force Effectiveness if tracked well, leads to huge dividends in the long term.


Key Terminologies used for Detailing/Calls Analytics:

Detailing or Calls: All the Face-to-Face meetings between Sales Reps and Physicians are called calls. Calls vary in length, highest being for Oncology and Neurology


Key Topics/Messages Discussed in a Call: The marketing material provided to the Sales Representatives includes the key messages to be covered in a call to the doctors.


Sales Territory: A Pharmaceutical Sales territory is composed of current and potential doctors (Target List) located within in a geographical area. Each territory is assigned a Territory Manager (or Sales Representative)

The assignment of geographical areas (Zips, MSAs) to a particular territory is the task of Sales Operations called ‘Territory Alignment”


Sample Zip to Territory Mapping


Territory Call Plan: All the physicians/specialists/doctors in a territory are assigned calls to be made by Sales Rep (Quarterly Call Planning Exercise). The therapeutic area, the prescribing potential of the physician and the access of the physician are few factors that go into deciding the target list and the call plan.

Note: The order is generally decided in the order of information to be disseminated or in the order in which responsibility is given.


Sample Call Plan (Rows)


Indications/Disease type: What diagnosis does he write the prescription for?


Affiliation: A prescriber is usually affiliated to a hospital/practice/Group Purchasing Organization etc.?


The Key performance Metrics involved in tracking a Prescriber include:

#1. Primary Detailing Equivalent (PDE):

Weighted average of all topics covered in a call. If there are three topics (or drugs/indications) that are talked about in a single face-to-face call, Primary Detailing Equivalent is obtained by applying weights corresponding to the order (or position), in which the topics were covered.

Note: This metric or call reporting is prevalent in those companies where a particular drug is approved for use by the FDA for multiple indications.

Primary Detailing Equivalent (PDE)


#2. Reach (Reached & Not Reached):

Has the target (prescriber) been detailed by the Sales Rep (generally in the current quarter)? Reached & Not Reached HCPs are frequently used metrics throughout the given period (usually current Quarter)


# 3. Frequency: Actual Number of Calls made in the current time period


#4. Attainment: Actual Calls made is tracked against the quarterly call Plan to determine Call Plan Attainment (Actuals versus Call Goals)


#5. Call Plan Adherence: Have the reps called on the messages (indications) in the same order as guidance provided in the call plan?

If the call order is not followed (per call plan), guidance is to be provided to the concerned territory manager by the seniors (District Manager, Sales Operations)


Additional Roll ups and Dimensions [ Call Analytics]


Account Level Sales & Calls Roll up (Based on Affiliations): The physician level sales and calls are rolled up to an Account level using Affiliations.

Metrics Rolled up at Account level (based on Affiliation)

Metrics Rolled up at Account level (based on Affiliation)


Calls, PDEs, Reach, Attainment & Adherence by Physician Segment

Metrics by Physician Segment (Target List)

Metrics by Physician Segment (Target List)


Calls, PDEs, Reach, Attainment & Adherence by Approved Indication

Metrics by Indication (Approved by FDA-Compliance)

Metrics by Indication (Approved by FDA-Compliance)


Metrics Trend over Time

Metrics Trend over Time

Metrics Trend over Time


We have covered the basic metrics that are utilized in the Call Reporting. Sales & Calls are used in tandem to produce better insights for a pharmaceutical business.

More on that in later posts…

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