Sales Representatives use pre-approved content in email templates as a means of reaching out to the HCP. The content can be as simple as templates to use when confirming appointments, or following up on on-message topical discussions that would occur during face-to-face visits.

For Example, Post launch Day 0 activities involve informing the doctors about the new approved indication for the existing drug or a new drug launch altogether.

Promotional speaker programs have been widely used in the industry. Many companies consider them a necessary component of any marketing strategy.

The speaker is generally selected locally, by the sales representative to speak at a series of programs.

The US pharmaceutical supply chain is highly efficient and ensures that products are safely and reliably available to a wide variety of providers, meeting patients needs.

What was the traditional wholesale model?

The Big 3: Cardinal, Mckesson & AmerisourceBergen…….

Prescribers become a part of a specialized ‘Target Lists’ prepared by the pharmaceutical companies such that they could be segmented and marketing campaigns can be appropriately designed.

The key metrics include -PDEs, Reach, Frequency, Attainment & Call Plan Adherence.

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A Prescriber is often pulled between his responsibilities as a doctor/healer and his financial ambitions. We are also aware of the time and the cost of education to become a doctor in the first place.

Prescriber plays his part as an expert, as a scholar, as a researcher, as a communicator, as an organizer, a collaborator and a health advocate…….

Why this title? Well, the Opioid crisis has actually turned Big Pharma into a villain (for all the right reasons).

What do Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies do? Well, they research and develop drugs, market it to customers (physicians, organizations, patient), lobby to shape drug policies AND make a ton of PROFIT!

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There is enough evidence to highlight the use of diagnostic equipment (aided by Internet of Things) connected to smartphones for affordable ad near accurate diagnostics. This article delves into the one of the ways to diagnose most common lung and respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Emphysema.

So let’s begin: Smart phone based Low Cost Spirometer: This article describes several instances where alow cost spirometer prototype has been created and tested.

The most burgeoning questions in healthcare have found solutions in parts when internet-of-things (IoT) is applied to this industry. Cardiovascular conditions, among the chronic diseases in the United States, are the most prevalent and costly to manage.

Wireless devices such as smartphone are so ubiquitous that medicine is more personalized than ever. Innovative medical devices can be created once internet-of-things are connected to this tiny computer in the pocket